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This is for Jimmy – for Carp. And this is for you.

Team Carp

Thank you for visiting. We’re walking for Jim Carpenter. He was a great teacher, director and artist – a true polymath – who never backed down from a fight or a challenge, and whose commitment and focus led to his succeeding at everything he attempted. Lung cancer seemed to be the exception. But lung cancer may have another think coming. We can't give Jimmy back his life, but we can join hands and march as his team, Team Carp, and put an end to lung cancer forever. Twenty-five years of joyous partnership and marriage, an extraordinary portfolio of life-altering paintings, and tens of thousands of lives enriched, and we would have given anything for one more day with him, one more painting, one more smile. Help us bring hope and victory for all the other Jimmys out there and for those who love them and love their work. God bless you, and God bless Jimmy.


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1. BTBryan Tyson
Hi, Jim. I see I missed the date of your run, but I hope it was a success and that this makes it through. Miss you and Jim C more than I can say.
2. ?Anonymous
3. mdMeredith Defranco
4. STSharon Tolley
Sending love to Team Carp.!
5. MBMary Bast
Love to Jim and Jimmy and all in the world who know the meaning of love.
6. JHJames Hulbert